Ethics Complaints

CKDHC promises to be a transparent and clean organization.

What is Cyber Complaints?
Please report any matters that are in violation of ethical management.

CKDHC aims to establish an ethical management culture that is voluntary and responsible. We respect the principle of free markets where transparent and free competitions are encouraged. We strive to be a company that desires common interest in all interested parties based on trust and coordination among all interested parties. We hope to be a company that contributes significantly to the public health. As such, we promise to abide by the established Code of Ethics which lays out all actions that all employees must follow.

Agree to collection and use of personal data

  • Collected Personal Data The company is currently collecting personal data below for the purposes of registration, consultation, and service applications.
    • Collected Information: Name, Phone Number, Email, Address
    • Method of Personal Data Collection: Website (i.e., Customer Support Bulletin)
  • Purpose of Collected Personal Data The company could use collected personal data for the following purposes.
    • Customer Inquiry, Handling Civil Affairs, Identification, Fact Checks, Notification of Processing Results
  • Usage Duration of Personal Data As a general rule, all collected personal data will be destroyed after the purpose of usage has been met.
    However, the company may store some information if it is deemed to be necessary to store such information based on relevant rules and regulations.
    • Stored Items: Name, Phone Number, Email, Address
    • Reason for Storage: Consumer Protection and Data Management
    • Duration of Storage: 1 Year
  • Consumer Complaints or Records related to Dispute Settlements: 3 Years (According to e-Commerce Consumer Protection Regulations)

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Ethics Complaints
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