Ethics Complaints

Persons to protect

Informants shall be protected when clear evidence is submitted or one’s real name is used in reports.
Also, all information regarding the informant and any interested parties will be protected.

제보자에 대한 관련 보호 사항

제보자에 대한 관련 보호 사항
Informants’ Identity Collected Information Reported Person Follow-up Action

Informants identity will be protected.

Any evidence submitted by informants or collected information with regard to reported matters

Any items that could expose the reported person

Any follow-up actions following the report

What will be protected?
Protection of Informants

Informants and reported information will be treated with strict confidentiality. Reporting system is also being protected with safe security system. All employees that are in charge of such matters are operating under the promise that the matters will be kept confidential at all times.

Disadvantages caused by reporting

Compensation will be given if it is deemed that the informant was put in a disadvantage position due to reporting. The informant will be restored full or compensation will be given to attempt to restore the informant in full.