Ethics Complaints

Ethics Complaints
Types of Reports

Types of reports include receiving rewards from interested parties, partner company’s lack of transparency, having an unfair stake in business partners, illegal use of company assets, and manipulation or false reporting of company reports. However, this does not include slander or personal matters that are not based on facts.

Handling Process

It usually takes 7-10 business days before response is given as the reported matters need to be confirmed in a confidential setting with third parties.

Investigation Results Confirmation

If the informant reports matters with his/her name and requests feedback, investigation results will be relayed back to the information, with the exception of circumstances where company’s rights and profits are violated.

Protection of Informants

Any and all information about informants or information that could lead to informants shall not be disclosed, unless the company has the informants’ consent to be disclosed. The company will do its best to properly treat any disadvantages experienced by informants if such disadvantages result from the company not abiding by the protection of informants.