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2010 ~ Current

2016.11 2016 Functional Health Food Award [Gut Health Award] CKDHC ‘LactoFit Fresh Lactobacillus Gold’
2016.11 2016 Functional Health Food Award [Ministry of Agriculture, Minister Prize] CKDHC ‘Iker’
2015.07 Launched Premium Brand ‘Keonmirak’ & Expanded Distribution for Door-to-Door Sales
2015.05 2015 Awarded Korea’s Best Brands for Omega 3
2014.12 HACCP Certification & Initiated Functional Health Food Traceability Program
2014.06 Completed Red Ginseng Facility
2013.11 Received Best 10 Awards for Omega3 Outstanding Product
2013.09 Agreement with Choong-Ang Newspaper Health Media
2012.05 Sales Contract with No. 1 Canadian Health Food Factors Group
2011.12 NS Home Shopping Health Food Quality Management Award 14 Day Business Partnership with No. 1 Domestic Diet Company
2011.05 Health Food Development MFDS Award
(MFDS Department of Safety Chairman)