Management Policies

Consumer Satisfaction

  • High Quality Products and High Level of Service
  • Think from Consumers’ Perspectives
  • Build Consumers’ Trust
Consumer Satisfaction

Value Creation

  • High Internal Values
  • Product Innovation
  • Outcome Creation
Value Creation

Promoting Happiness

  • Best Companies to Work For
  • Grow Together with Company
  • Creating a Joyful Workspace
Promoting Happiness

Ethical Management

  • Maximizing Shareholder Value
  • Ethics Compliance
  • Fair Reporting
Ethical Management

Management Strategy

  • Sales/Marketing

    Competitive Speed
    Secure Marketing Capabilities
    Promote Brand Recognition

  • Research/Production

    Develop Large Items
    Commercialize New Products/Ingredients
    Increase Production Efficiency

  • Business Management

    Secure Talent/Promote Talent
    Stabilize Financial Structure
    Efficient Asset Allocation

  • New Business Development

    Secure Distribution Organizations
    Differentiate Sales Strategy
    Foster Sales Force

Business Strategy

Business Strategy