CEO 인사말

I would like to express my highest gratitude to you for supporting CKDHC.

Dear Consumers who have loved and supported CKDHC, I hope this message finds you well. Experts are expecting the average life span of Koreans to reach 100 years in the near future.
As important it is to live a long life, I believe it is just as important to live a healthy and high-quality life. It is CKDHC’s plan to continue to supply and develop new healthcare products for consumption that reaches all age groups. Our hope and aim is for our products to help consumers to have improved physical health, mental health, beauty, and even higher quality of life.
I promise to make our products available to consumers only after rigorous testing. Again, all of our products will need to pass our highest standards of quality management process before they can reach you. I believe this is the way to stay as the trusted company in your mind as we commit to using only the best, high-quality, and the most effective APIs in all of our products.

CKDHC CEO Ho-Gon Kim종근당건강 대표이사 김호곤 서명