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Brand Story

The secret of the health of the Eskimos was Omega 3.

The Eskimos living in Greenland follow a high-fat diet compared to the Danish, but the Eskimos have been shown to have better blood vessel health than the Danish. It has been found that Omega 3 which is found in the fish and seal had contributed to the blood vessel health of the Eskimos. Since then, various researches have been conducted on different functionalities and benefits of Omega 3. Omega 3 has been proven to enhance blood vessel health, memory, and even dry eyes.
However, there is another reason why Omega 3 is worthy of notice. Omega 3 is an unsaturated fat, which is needed in our daily lives.
DHA and EPA are main Omega 3 fatty acids, and they are main composition of our brain, retina, and cell membranes which help with the flow of oxygen. This is an essential fatty acid, meaning that your body cannot make it, so you must get it from the foods and beverages you consume. Canadian Health & Welfare Bureau and British Nutrition Organization recommend daily consumption of Omega 3 in the amount of 1,000~1,800mg.

Meet 'Real Omega 3' made by our professionals.

Omega 3 was not well-known in Korea until the recent years. CKDHC is the leading company that has been advocating the importance of Omega 3 in Korea.
We have put a lot of efforts into developing the right portions of Omega 3 by filtering out impurities in the making and introducing functional products. As professionals, industry pioneers, and the No. 1* Omega 3 Sales company, we are once again trying to bring about a change in the Omega 3 market. That is Promega. Promega uses APIs from DSM, the world’s No. 1 sales in Omega 3 APIs**.
We have applied a different dimension to all aspects of this product, from planning, production, packaging, and composition.

*Reference: According to actual output in functional health food in 2018, MFDS
**Reference: Frost & Sullivan 2017
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  • Brand Differentiator

    Our standards of APIs selection is that we will not choose unless it is the best APIs.

    Our thorough quality management philosophy starts from APIs. We use DSM’s APIs which is the leading Omega 3 APIs company in the world. These APIs are safe from heavy metal and environmental pollution.
    These APIs are extracted from the fish oil that is at the bottom of the food chain.

    Spirits of Omega 3 professionals live in all phases of production.

    There are 25 production phases and 10 refinement phases involved in producing Promega from APIs. 248 levels of precision testing and extensive research and experimentation has gone through repeated research and experiment to arrive at the most optimal product.
    We apply special PTP methods to package one pill at a time to protect the Omega 3 products to avoid and minimize exposure to light and air. We have a very thorough quality management process including tracing each product (recommended by MFDS) to maintain the highest standards and to ensure that the products stay fresh.

Now is the time to choose your 'Real Omega 3.'

As Omega 3 professionals, we looked at each consumer’s unique needs. Everyone has different age, lifestyle, and surrounding environments which naturally differentiates everyone’s intake needs. That is why Promega customized each product by mixing different volumes, usages, and composition based on physiological and nutritional evidence. That is the 'Real Omega 3' that has been customized and brought to you.


Brand Promise

Promega promises you the following.

We will return consumers’ love for our products proven by No. 1 sales* with
No. 1 quality.

* Reference: According to actual output in functional health food in 2018, MFDS

We will keep our principle of using the world’s best** APIs.

** Reference: Frost & Sullivan 2017

We will establish the highest standards by applying rigorous criteria for production and packaging.


We will use the most efficient mix to meet the different needs of consumers with different lifestyle, age, and gender.


We will do our best to establish
eco-friendly manufacturing environments.


Through honest and transparent branding, we will engage in fair trade and maintain our trust and faith among consumers.