Our precious child's growth, Iker!

Brand Story

Make the right decision for your kid's height growth at the right time, Iker!

Growth opportunity, you cannot go back if you miss this one-time opportunity.
How can I raise my kids well? What are some nutrition necessary for my kid's growth?
All moms care deeply about their kids, but there is a reason why moms pay special attention to kids in their growth period.
That is because of the 'growth timing.' Kids need that necessary nutrition at the right time to help them grow.

Korea's No. 1 Healthcare CKDHC is now into researching the kids.

CKDHC started conducting research on how to maximize growth for kids in the growth period. With our expertise, we have come up with the optimal mix that can be trusted to help with kid's growth.
Our philosophy is producing products that mothers can trust from growth research to production.

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  • Brand Differentiator

    Korea’s No. 1 Customer Satisfaction, Iker! Reason why Iker is No. 1 in functional kids growth product

    01. Confirmed functionality for kids growth (The very first in Korea)

    Iker is a functional kids growth product that has been endorsed by MFDS for helping kids grow. Through our 12 week-long experiments, we were able to confirm kids who took HT042 (functional material) grew taller than those who did not take HT042. HT042 which is used in Iker is the only APIs that has been recognized to help kids grow.

02.   Do not let your kids miss the opportunity to grow! This will help with height growth as well as other necessary nutrition for your kid’s
 growth period!
Height Growth Balanced Nutrition
First of its kind in Korea. HT042 added materials to help your kid’s height growth.
HT042, which is functional material, has been experimented and proven to help with height growth. CKDHC’s formula that will help your kids grow in their growth period.
From Vitamin D that helps calcium absorption to Zinc that will help immune system
03.  In-house research and production for height growth One-Stop System!
 It is safe as we take an eight-phase approach for APIs processing, and 26-phase approach for production.
 Not to mention thorough quality management.
  • Kids Height Growth
    Professional Formula
    Scientific R&D Materials

  • Material acquisition
    Technical verification

  • Homemade production

  • Circulation and sale

  • Manage a customer through a professional counselor


Brand Promise

"Scientific approach to all mothers' worries, Iker"

This is a safe product that was proved to help with kids height growth and endorsed by MFDS


We only use proven APIs based on scientific experiments


We use the perfect formula for kids in their growth period. We put ourselves in the shoes of mothers.


We will manage and monitor all phases very thoroughly from APIs selection to packaging. We will maintain the highest standards of quality management.


Through honest and transparent branding, we will engage in fair trade and maintain our trust and faith among consumers.