Prevent your eye-aging in advance!

Eye Clear is a combination of words 'Eye' and 'Clear.'
As eyes are the fastest deteriorating sensory organs,
CKDHC came up with this vision health solution called Eye Clear.


Brand Story

Most important sensory organ, Vision!

Most people say their eyes are the most important sensory organs of the five sensory organs we have.
That is probably because 80% of the information we obtain come from visual interactions. Eyes are also known to be the fastest deteriorating sensory organs as we age. Our vision starts to deteriorate from the age of 13, however, this is happening at an even lower age because of mobile phones and electronic equipment. Eye Clear is the vision health solution brought to you by CKDHC to help with your vision health.
We are offering multiple functionalities for your vision health which is made possible by our extensive research of different factors that affect vision health.

  • EyeClear
  • Brand Differentiator

    In order to treat our vision health, we must first fully understand the roles of each eye organ and nutrients.
    CKDHC has more than 20 years of experience in conducting research in vision health, and that is why CKDHC’s Eye Clear is necessary.

    Your eye can be compared to a mini universe with more than 14 visionary organs and more than 20 nutrients co-exist. Simply consuming lutein and Vitamin A will not help with your vision health.
    Appropriate consumption of nutrients is necessary to enhance your vision health based on your age, physical constitution, and the purpose of your vision health.
    That is why Eye Clear customized each product by mixing different volumes, usages, and composition based on physiological and ophthalmological evidence.

    Here is the reason why we rank at the top in the lutein sales and consumption rates for vision health (as of 2018).

    Eye Clear will take care of your vision health with APIs that come from the nature.
    We have a very strict selection process when choosing APIs and even packaging materials. Our differentiated products, customized by different target age, are being offered to you to help you see clear.


Brand Promise

Eye Clear promises you the following for your precious eyes.

We will only use APIs that are effective for your vision health.


We will not mix APIs for the sake of mixing, but we will do this based on scientific evidence.


We will use the most efficient mix to meet the different needs of consumers with different lifestyle, age, and gender.


We will manage and monitor all phases very thoroughly from APIs selection to packaging. We will maintain the highest standards of quality management.


Through honest and transparent branding, we will engage in fair trade and maintain our trust and faith among consumers.