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Brand Story

Earth to Us was created to convey the health found in the earth and the ocean.

In the beginning, humans completely relied on what the earth provided. Everything humans consumed was the fruit of the earth.
From that point, we started sort out the harmful things and discovered the necessary things to live our lives. As the wisdom carried down verbally or in written forms, humans started thinking about living a more healthy and lively life rather than simple living.
Humans started to look to the nature for nutrition. That is how "Earth to Us" came about. Our ultimate goal is to provide the most nutritious forms of ingredients to you from different parts of the world that have been thoroughly scientifically tested and proven to be good.

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  • Brand Differentiator

    The concept of 'Superfoods' in Earth to Us' perspective is a little bit different.

    The concept of 'Superfoods' was first introduced by Dr. Steven Pratt who is a world-renowned authority in the field of dietetics and aging. Superfood is food assumed to confer health benefits resulting from an exceptional nutrient density in vitamins, mineral, and fiber. At the same time, superfood is known to be low in fat and calories. Earth to Us only allows to categorize itself as superfoods when the ingredients have been manufactured in a safe way to be consumed by our consumers. Real superfoods are those that allow us to have the perfect amount of nutrients that come directly from the nature/earth.

    CKDHC's Superfoods Research Center, Super Lab!
    We take safety seriously by applying the strictest standards to our products, above and beyond what the regulations set by the regulating bodies

    CKDHC's Superfoods research center's super lab starts to produce products only after the ingredients have been verified to have met the nutritional standards. We choose the packaging method that best preserves nutrients found in all ingredients.
    Even when we select supplemental ingredients, we choose those that most closely match the original ingredients. We focus our efforts on verifying all steps of the process and safety in each of the process to ensure we deliver the utmost safe products to our consumers.
    The standards we apply to our products are even more strict than those required by current regulations. We continue to spend our efforts on developing better packaging methods to best preserve our products nutrients.

We look for the best ingredients in different parts of the world and bring those nutrients to you as they exist.

We continue to research and verify how to best manage and deliver the best nutrients to our consumers, from selection of ingredients to processing.

1. Strict Selection of APIs : Selecting the optimal producing area, Management of harmful environment, Harvesting of in-season ingredients
2. Thorough transportation management: complete protection of ingredients during transportation from external harmful environment (Safely transport ingredients in approved containers)
3. Customized processing & packaging of the originals by their unique characteristics: We provide customized processing and packaging to best preserve the nutrients found in the original ingredients

Five Types of Superfoods Earth to Us is Exploring

We are researching and finding ingredients from root, stem, fruit, seed, to marine source.

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Root Energy

This is where it all starts and where the nutrients originally come from.

Root supports the plant and it plays a critical role in supplying water and nutrients to the plant. Root gives life to leaves and stems, and this is the most important nutrients supplier for the fruits that come eventually. This is where plants’ nutrients originate from as the the plant is deeply rooted in the ground where it communicates with and receives nutrients from various microorganisms.

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Leaves and Stems

This is where the nutrients travel through.

Leaves and stems are in charge of the plants’ photosynthesis phase, breathing, and ultimate growth. The water and nutrients which come from the roots travel to the leaves. Chlorophyll is created through the sun, and the nutrients travel back to the roots and other parts of the plant. Leaves and stems serve as nutrients’ path where nutrients are made.

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Fruits Recipe

Fruits are what surround the seeds.

Fruits possess the seeds for reproduction. Fruits are the ultimate outcome of life from nutrients received from roots, leaves, and stems of the plants.

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Seeds & Nuts

Seeds become the origination of plant growth.

Seeds can give life. Seeds contain all nutrients for the plant to grow. All grains we consume are seeds.

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Marine Source

Marine source has all the nutrients from the marine life.

There is a lot of potential for new discovery in this area as huge part of the marine life has yet to be discovered. They contain salt and ample minerals. Water is the foundation of life.

Three factors that complete the systematic and scientific production line of Earth to Us

  • Outstanding
    Automated Systems

  • Talented

  • Manufacturing Process

Earth to Us will find the Superfoods hidden in different parts of the world
and deliver them in the freshest and healthy state to you utilizing the systematic and scientific ways.

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Brand Promise

Bringing only the transparent products to you straight from the earth. Earth to Us promises the following.

After selecting the most appropriate land for growth and development, we will strive to supply only the freshest products by adhering to the in-season harvest principles.


We will make the safest products through rigorous testing and examinations of our products from transportation, manufacturing, to packaging.


We will strive to develop the real superfoods by conducting continuous research in the new ingredients market around the globe.


We will continue to develop solutions above and beyond nutrients so that all aspects of our consumers' lives can benefit and become healthier.


We will strive to develop solutions that can satisfy both the nature and humans.


Through honest and transparent branding, we will engage in fair trade and maintain our trust and faith among consumers.