Make yourself YOU, ALL@ME

ALL@ME's value is
'true beauty lies in your confidence to love yourself as you realize your unique charm'


Brand Story

My story is what makes me attractive

ALL@ME came to life to encourage those of you who feel like you are being chased to meet the standards set by others.
What we are missing is that you should have the respect, attitude, and love for yourself before your mind and body can have a healthy transformation. You should not care about opinions of others, rather focus on yourself and do it for yourself.
We will help you manage and treat yourself in a simple and steady manner without having to conform to what others are doing.
Express your desire to be candid so that you can boast your own charm to the world!

  • all@me
  • Brand Differentiator

    Everything for your candid beauty

    We provide customized care through our program that looks at inside and outside of women's body in their 20s and 30s. We do not focus solely on losing weight.
    We support your attitude to love and care for yourself. We will help those women gain confidence by teaching them the importance of 'my own charms' and 'the importance of loving yourself.


Brand Promise

01. Love Me

We think about our consumers' health first because we believe self-love starts from healthy mind.

02. Professional

We promise to develop products through professional and systematic research, based on extensive industry experience that CKDHC has had as a leading healthcare company in Korea.

03. Safety

We will only use materials that have been scientifically verified in terms of functionality and safety in developing our products.

04. Effort

To keep up with the latest trends, we will continue our efforts to meet consumers' satisfaction by continuous feedback and communication with you.